Best Dog Winter Jackets For Cold Weather

Winter is already here, and slowly we can start noticing how the temperature is dropping down. Just as we like to be ready for those cold days and buy the best winter coats possible, you should also consider getting one dog winter jacket to keep your dog toasty during the cold weather. 

Dogs have a natural fur that helps them regulate their body temperatures; however, keeping in mind the 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2021, we can see there are some breeds whose characteristics are different than the others. According to American Kennel Club, Northern breeds resist low temperatures better like the Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies, and some other breeds like the Bernese Mountain, Shetland Sheepdog and German Shepherd, which are large dogs with thick and dense fur, can also handle the cold pretty well.

And what about the breeds that are not like the ones mentioned above? Well, the answer is that they surely need a winter jacket to cope with cold weather. We understand that you might have questions, so let us help you find out if your dog needs one and which are the best dog winter jackets for cold weather.

First, to help you figure out if your lovely pal needs a dog winter jacket, we would like to tell you some of the different characteristics that your dog might have and that the American Kennel Club mentions so you can know if your dog can resist cold weather or not.

  • Size: Small and short-haired breeds like French Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terriers, and Chihuahuas can’t keep their body temperature warm enough to deal with harsh winters. 
  • Low to the grown dogs: Dogs whose bellies sit low to the ground make their fur touch the snow or ice and get cold, like Bulldogs, Dachshunds or Pembroke Welsh Corgis. 
  • Clipped or shorn hair breeds: Even when these breeds typically have long hair, grooming their hair might alter their natural protection to cold temperatures like Poodles. 
  • Lean-bodied breeds: These breeds need extra protection to help them cope with low temperatures, especially the ones with short hair like the Greyhounds and Whippets. 
  • Puppies and senior dogs: Either because their bodies are starting to get the full conditions of their natural capabilities, or they have reached an age where their health or immune system has been compromised and not as strong as before. 

Now that you know whether you need to buy a winter coat for your pal or not, here are the best dog winter jackets for cold weather.   

The Canada Pooch True North Parka comes in 4 different colours and 13 sizes, and if you have a small or medium dog (sizes 8-16), it will come with sleeves to help its legs not get cold.

Extreme cold days call for a good dog winter jacket and this is the warmest water-resistant jacket that Canada Pooch has. Its fleece lining and heavyweight isolation will make your dog feel extra warm to handle long walks, while its dual velcro closure will keep the jacket in place at all moments. Do you like to take your dog for a night walk? Well, this dog winter jacket is perfect as it has a reflective fabric that lights up in the dark. 

No matter if is during the day or night, your dog will be protected throughout the winter with this dog winter jacket.

The Canada Pooch True North Parka


    The Ruffwear Furness Dog Jacket comes in two different colours and six different sizes, making it perfect for all dogs, from miniature to big dog sizes. 

    This dog winter jacket is made to make your dog feel free to move while it covers its neck, back, belly, hips and thighs and keeps them toasty. Its high coverage with synthetic insulation and 3/4 -length zipper focuses on retaining the heat on its core even in the bitterest of conditions. Moreover, its shell fabric makes it the perfect durable water-repellent jacket.

    Lastly, if your dog is used to walking with a harness, the leash portal on the back is compatible with most harnesses, and the reflective trim will make it visible even in low-light conditions. 

    The Furness Dog Jacket is the perfect option for someone who likes to take his dog on different adventures during the winter season.

    Ruffwear Furness Dog Jacket

    This jacket comes in 11 different sizes that fit small dogs like a Tibetan Spaniel and big dogs like a Labrador Retriever.

    A dog winter jacket like this is suitable for all dogs, but particularly for those who live in cold places and dogs that get cold easily as it will insulate its legs, abdominal region and chest perfectly to group the heat around your dog’s large muscle groups. The Hurtta Extreme Overall has a foil lining that makes the heat maintain the same temperature on its body and activates blood circulation. Additionally, the high-quality water and windproof fabric surface will keep your dog dry and warm from wind and snow.

    This jacket is a great option for cold weather between -5º C and -30º C / +20º and -20 ºF and will make your dog feel up for a walk at any time. 


    Hurtta Extreme Overall


    The L.L Bean Reversible Field Coat for Dogs comes in 2 different colours and 4 sizes, with a design that is perfect for dogs that need just a little help to deal with the cold.

    This reversible dog winter jacket looks fashionable either on its 100% cotton classic canvas side or the 80-grams cotton yarn-dyed plaid flannel that will stay-true colour no matter the use. Comfort is one of the features that make this jacket great, and its hook-and-loop-closure straps on the chest and belly areas help to keep the jacket in place all the time. Finally, there is a slit opening in the back for a leash.

    The Reversible Field Coat for Dogs is perfect if you are looking for a long-lasting dog winter jacket that can be used for field walks or other outdoor activities.


    L.L Bean Reversible Field Coat for Dogs

    If what you want is to keep your pal dry because its fur is thick and dense enough to handle the cold weather, then we recommend The Gentle Paw Hilo Dog Raincoat.

    The Gentle Paw Hilo Dog Raincoat comes in 2 different colours (blue and pink) and 6 different sizes. It is 100% waterproof, with a layer that will keep its fur dry and a breathable mesh lining inside that will allow it to feel cool and comfortable to wear it. Moreover, its practicality is going to save you time trying to get your dog to wear this jacket, as you will only need to slip it over its head and adjust the buckles on the sides of the belly as well as the neck cover, belt and leg straps.

    Finally, this raincoat works great for dogs used to collars or harnesses as it was separate leash portals for both of them. Did I mention that the reflective straps across the raincoat will make your pal visible in low-light conditions? What else will a dog parent possibly ask for?

    Gentle Paw Hilo Dog Raincoat


    Without a doubt, these dog winter jackets will help your lovely pal cope better with the cold days that are coming. If you are also thinking to get your dog some good snow boots too, check out our Top 10 Dog Boots For Winter article, those boots will make your dog not just look extra cute but will also keep its paws safe and warm.

    I don’t know if you feel the same way as me, but during winter I crave more treats than in any other season. I would think our pups feel the same way, so don’t forget to treat your dog with any of these 5 Delicious DIY Holiday Dog Treats Ideas, and if you need more options, check out these 10 DIY Homemade Dog Treats Ideas they will simply love them!

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