Top 10 Dog Boots for Winter

Hi mom, what do you think? Look at my shoes, aren't they great? "My God, you look like a gangster" - Goodfellas

Gangster? or playing dress-up? We love dressing them up, but why don't they love it in return? Before we jump into the top 10 dog boots you can shop for online, how do you get your beautiful dog to love them?

The answer is simple, train them to love them and make sure they're the right size for their paws. We'll talk about sizing at the end, but what about training? Here is an article "How to Train Your Dog to Wear Boots" this goes into further depth on what you need and three training methods that you can reference too.

Let's get straight to it. What are your options for some quality winter dog boots?

1. Ruffwear Polar Trex™ Winter Dog Boots

The Ruffwear Polar Trex™ Winter Dog Boots in black and blue.
$49.95, Set of 2

The Polar Trex snow boots give the paws warmth, footing, and security so your dog can roam free in any winter conditions. They're built with a protected upper softshell for breathable and weatherproof wear in severely cold climates. The Ruffwear-planned Vibram® Icetrek™ outsole gives footing on frozen surfaces and acts as a barrier against cold weather and snow-melt substances. Many boots are known for slipping off or turning in place, but these dog boots have a built-in hook-and-loop closure that cinches at the narrowest part of the dog’s leg for a secure fit.

Ruufwear offers their boots in sets of two so you can arrange the proper sizes for a solid match on both the front and back paws.

2. Canada Pooch Soft Shield Boots

$57.00 Set of 4

These are special boots, these are reflective boots that stay on, are easy to wear, and protect your dog's paw from snow, rain and mud. They have an ultra-wide opening and a rubberized grip. The toggle placed at the top of the boot allows for a guaranteed grip.

Shop for them on Canada Pooch.

3. Qiao Niuniu Waterproof Leather Dog Boots

$23.59 Set of 4

The Qiao Niuniu leather dog boots are suited for small and medium dogs and not for large dogs. That includes Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund, Poodle, Teddy, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise and similar size dogs. The boots are made up of a waterproof leather exterior and a velvet interior to warm up the paws during winter. They are finished off with rubber soles with an anti-skid function. Not only are they easy to wear but they do stay on with the help of the adjustable strap to tighten the shoe as needed. Check out their size guide for the right fit, the sizing is based on an extra small, small, medium, or large!

4. Muttluks Woof Walkers

$25.99 Set of 4

First, we'd like to say that the Muttluks Woof Walkers are made in Canada, that alone, has us loving these! They're designed with both function and comfort in mind. They may not look like it, but they are created for the cold winter and aid in keeping your dog's paws warm and protected. The bottom leather sole created a barrier against salt, snowballs, and traction in the snow or on icy terrain. The boots use an elastic strap around the ankle for a tight fit and a side zipper to easily slip your dog's paws.

5. Beapet Orange Winter Dog Boots

$40.78 Set of 2

The Beapet Orange Winter Dog Boots are made up of waterproof material on the top and a durable, sturdy, non-slip sole on the bottom. In simple terms, these will keep your dog's paws dry, warm, and protected from spikes, hot roads, and salt. In terms of functionality, the opening at the back ankle makes it is easy to put on.

We couldn't resist but mention how beautiful this colour is. Your dog doesn't have to be the only one rocking this shade, you can match them with our Orange Expedition Fanny Pack!

Okay, moving on!

6. Qumy Dog Boots

$28.99 Set of 4

Amazon's #1 top seller, the QUMT Dog Boots, is secure and adjustable. What's nice about these boots, is that they expand with a width split seam opening and two adjustable, reflective straps. The soles are a tough anti-slip sole, it provides the stability and traction that your dog paws are looking for. These do come in a multitude of colours but more importantly sizes! We can't say this enough, size your dog's paw first!!!

7. Qumy Small Dog Boots

$21.99 Set of 4

This for the fashionista dog, we haven't come across something so sleek until we saw these babies. It's safe to say just from the picture that these are quite convenient and secure with the full length zip up and velcro strap design. These are designed for small dogs and are ensured for a tight fit! The exterior is waterproof making sure your pup's paws are dry and warm during this season. Ofcourse, the bottom is also finished off with quality rubber soles that provide traction on slippery surfaces.

8. Yaodhaod Dog Boots

$18.99 Set of 4

The Yaodhaod dog boots are giving us christmas vibe, santa helper, and possibly an elf in disguise. Can't help but say these are so cute!! These are solf lined dog boots with super soft fleece making them suitable for claws. They're a lot slimer than the usual winter boot but these do include a non slip rubber sole that as a good anti-slip effect. It will protect your dog from the road, winter salt, snow, or other surface injuries. Although these are not made up of waterproof material, they are sprayed with a waterproof coating but they can't be soaked in water for a long time.

9. Petleso Dog Winter Boots

$36.99 Set of 4

Okay, do the Petleso Dog Winter Boots look like horse feet, yes, they do, but these look SUPER practical. You'll have your doh's entire leg protected, not just the feet and these work great depending on how thick it snows in your area. They're not deisgned for cold winter but also for rainy days or outdoor sports such as climbing and hiking. The outer later is waterproof and the inner layer is made up of high quality cotton which will prevent your dog from any frost bites during the winter. The boots are topped off with ribber soles to prevent slipping on snow and icy grounds.

10. Silver Paw Anti-Slip Dog Boots

$33.00 Set of 4

The Silver Paw Anti-Slip Dog Boots are made in Canada! Another point for us canadians :) These are Silver Paw's bestseller, the Easy Fit & Anti Slip Boot! They're structed with tough and enduring neoprene fabric, a gripping rubber sole, and velcro around the ankle. What's nice about these boots is they work all year around, nit just for the winter time but also during the summer when the asphalt is hot!

Measuring Your Dog's Paws

We learn with visuals and lucky, Ruffwear did the work for us and created a video on "How To Measure: Your Dog's Paws". We highly recommend watching this video as it can be very beneficial considering many of these items are available online.

This list could serve as a guide for gift ideas, a good pair of winter dog boots is perfect for the holiday season. It doesn't have to stop here, check out "12 Gift Ideas For Your Puppy" or "8 DIY Dog Toys Ideas" if you're feeling crafty.

Are you a new dog owner?

If yes, we have a few blogs lined up for you to help you with your new parenting journey!!

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You have the dog, the boots, and the walk, so what's missing? That's right, a collar, or maybe a harness. If you're unsure which one is fitting for your dog, then this blog is the one for you, "Collar or Harness: Which is Better For My Dog?"

Which dog boot is the right one for you? Let us know in the comments :)

Top 10 Dog Winter Boots

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