12 Gift Ideas For Your Puppy

By Shreya Tragad

We all want to spoil our dogs and surprise them with many gifts throughout the year. Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas time, or even just a regular day to show your dog some extra love, you may wonder “what should I buy them this time?”.

We have provided you with 12 different puppy gift ideas that you may consider for your little one since you’re not just a regular dog mom, but a cool dog mom!


  1. Puppy Teething Toys 

Puppies love to explore with their mouths, and they often leave a trail of destruction on their path as a result of their teething process! As your puppy’s adult teeth start to grow, they will experience discomfort in their mouth, and this is when your puppy will love you for gifting them a teething toy as it will help them alleviate pressure! This will protect your favourite pair of shoes and socks from being chewed!


  1. Puppy Grooming Kit

Grooming your puppy is essential for your puppy as proper hair hygiene is very important and failing to groom your pet properly regularly can lead to serious health consequences. This would be a great puppy gift idea where you could include several items such as puppy shampoo and conditioner, nail clippers, puppy toothbrush and toothpaste, a brush, and even puppy cologne! Dogs love to explore and touch everything they find interesting, so let’s take care of them and make sure they are properly groomed and healthy!


  1. Puppy Snuggle Toys

There is no such thing as too many snuggle toys for your furry little one, when puppies are young and still with their littermates, they tend to pile on top of each other for sleep and cuddles. They tend to do this for a feeling of security, warm and safety and when they go to their new homes, they no longer have their mates to cuddle with. This is where they will love you for all of the snuggle toys you have gifted them; it will help with the transition!


  1. Puppy Snuggle Blanket

A blanket is one of the essentials you need before getting your puppy, but maybe it’s time for a new one, maybe a fluffier one! There are different types of blankets you can look into such as weighted pet blankets for anxious and over-excited puppies. These can allow your puppy to relax through gentle pressure. You can even buy blankets with a thermal mat cased inside it to bring warmth to your furry one on a cold day! You can never go wrong with a new blanket as a puppy gift idea because they will love you for it!


  1. Puppy Growth Journal

Our puppies grow up really fast, and it would be great to capture and document their puppyhood with their very own puppy growth journal! There are different types of journals where you list down the items you need during a certain stage of life and making notes of all the things they love.


  1. Dog Sofa

Another great puppy gift idea would be their very own dog sofa! This not only limits the fur from your sofa but also allows them to feel special. Once your dog has the habit of going to their own sofa, it will also make the cleaning much easier for you! There are different types of sofas to choose from, such as tufted designs if you’re going for a classy look, there are floor sofas with memory foam seating, and there are also elevated sofas that allow your dog to cool off on a hot day.


  1. Food Puzzles

Food puzzles are not only fun and entertaining but also great for the canine brain. If you have a smart dog who loves to stay busy with different types of challenges, this will be a great puppy gift idea! You can pop some treats or kibbles into the compartments and let your puppy use their scavenging instincts. Dogs have a natural instinct to search for food and this gift will challenge their minds and use their energy in a healthy way. Depending on the size and breed of the dog, you must choose the right toy suitable for your dog wisely.


  1. Fanny Pack 

If you and your puppy love to go on outdoor adventures together, Gentle Paw offers an “Expedition Fanny Pack” which is made of nylon material. This material is water-repellent because of its tight-knit weave making it highly durable and great for outdoors as it is highly resilient. You can keep all your treats, toys and other essentials dry during the rainy weather when you are outdoors. Even the rainy days cannot stop you from your adventures and your puppy will love you for this!


  1. Tracking Collar

Gifting your little one a tracking collar doesn’t only benefit you but also benefits them as you can track their location and activity for safety purposes. This will also come in handy to reunite with your dog if they ran away or are lost. Many pet owners run into this issue and that’s where this puppy gift idea will be very beneficial. Gentle Paw also offers a service called “Pawzz” where you can get a free dog tag and fill in your contact info in case you do lose your pet.


  1. Heated Pet Bed

If you are from an area where it’s cold for the majority of the year, a heated pet bed could also be a great puppy gift idea to make the cold months a little easier for them. If your puppy has any health concerns, you can consider buying them a regular memory foam bed as it helps with offering great sleep at night alleviating aches and pains. This will be helpful for dogs that have arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint issues.


  1. Custom-Made Toy

A custom-made toy will be something different for your furry friend such as a cuddle toy that looks just like them. You can also get a stuffed bone toy with their name written on it or anything that has a deep meaning to you and them.


  1. Swimming Toys

Swimming toys offer great exercise for your puppy, and it also keeps them cool during the hot weather. These are great to have so that their regular dry toys can stay dry and clean at home. Just like we love to spend our summer days on the beach, our pups also deserve the same fun with their own toys. There are different types of swimming toys you can get such as floaters, water discs that float, balls, etc.


Remember to throw away old toys and gifts that are destroyed and get rid of any items that have small parts since they can easily choke on them. We hope we provided you with some great gift ideas for your furry best friend! Let’s continue to spoil them and make them feel special.

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