At Gentle Paw, we create functional and stylish products to address every day problems that dog owners may face. As you browse our products and read our story, we hope you can share in our passion to create a space where pet parents can come together. To us, Gentle Paw is more than just a growing company; it is a growing community.  



A Shiba Inu puppy, Bouncy, entered our lives on a rainy day in May. He was aboard a plane coming from Winnipeg and as we drove to the airport to pick him up, we were filled with a bunch of different emotions. We could barely contain our excitement to meet our new baby but we were also filled with anxiety and stress. This was all new to us.

We had done as much research as we could and purchased everything, we thought would make Bouncy’s transition into our lives an easy one. As we watched our puppy start to grow older, and develop his own personality, it became apparent to us that certain products worked for us and some just didn’t. We also began to learn what Bouncy did and didn’t like and one of those things is walking on water.

Although most of the time his personality matches his name, when he walks anywhere there is water, he becomes very slow and careful, almost taking on a “gentleman” characteristic. It makes us laugh every time and it is also what inspired us to name our company Gentle Paw.


To create products that will make every dog owner’s day-to-day life easier.

We test and evaluate, at every stage, our products to make sure they meet our very high standards.  Our experiences with Bouncy have taught us that puppies, adult and senior dogs require different ranges of products to solve our customer’s needs.

To be the foremost source for your pet’s needs.  

We want to be the top pet accessories website saved in your favourites by offering products that address issues you may not even realize exist.  One time during our walk I was busy picking up Bouncy’s poop, and the leash slipped from my hand and he almost ran away.  That made me realize the importance of the exterior hook on our Expedition Fanny Pack.

Owning and caring for a pet is hard work, but it’s also very rewarding.  At Gentle Paw, we think that journey should be as seamless as possible.

That’s why our vision extends beyond the high-quality products and accessories we currently offer.  We want to create a community for pet owners and we have a lot of great ideas in the works for you, including our pet tags that come with each product.


You might have noticed our Pawzz pet tag attached with the product. Through Pawzz, we want to play our role in helping reunite lost pets with their owners.

As careful as a person can be, sometimes a pet runs out an open door or jumps out of the car a little too quickly. It’s a scary thought and one that no one wants to go through.

Sadly, we are very familiar with this feeling. When Bouncy was young, we had a couple of scary moments when he ran off. He was not tagged and we were terrified. Each time our story ended with a happy reunion but unfortunately there are too many stories that don’t end the same way. We’ve read too many posts on social media about missing pets that we felt something had to be done. 

If you would like to use your Pawzz tag, simply go to to register your tag. If you already have a tag for your fur baby and don't need an extra one, share it with someone who may need it. Together, we shall bring your furiend home.

Our friendly and professional team at Gentle Paw is always happy to talk about our range of high-quality pet products. If you have any questions about any of the products we stock, or you're searching for something special, then don't hesitate to contact us directly. We'd be more than happy to attempt to assist you with your puppy issues and make your life with your new puppy carefree!

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