5 Perfect Activities to Enjoy with Your Pup on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your pup some extra love and affection, and there are many activities you can do with your pup to celebrate the day of love and show him extra love this day by doing something special with him.

From taking a romantic walk to playing fun games, there are plenty of activities that you and your pup can do together on this day of love. Whether you’re looking for something active or relaxing, here are some activities to enjoy with your pup on Valentine’s Day.

  • Play together

Playing together is a great way to bond and make memories with your furry friend, so why not spend some quality time playing with your pup this Valentine's Day? 

There are many ways to play together, but the most important thing here is to have quality bonding time with your furry friend. Fetching your pup's favourite ball, chasing him around the house or backyard, or even introducing him to a new dog toy you picked up just for this special day; are good examples of fun activities that you two can do together. Picking a new dog toy is not easy, and we know you want to choose the best option for your furry friend. Check out our blog posts where we mention important factors to consider when choosing the perfect toy for your dog and 12 great gift ideas for your pup.

Spending time together can be fun for both of you and it will create lasting memories that you'll cherish forever. This Valentine's Day, make sure to take some time out of your day to play with your pup!

  • Show your love 

As dog parents, we know that showing your dog you love him is one of the most important things you can do. After all, dogs are very loyal and loving animals, and even when dogs may not be able to express their love in words, there are still some ways to show them your love and affection.

Show your pup that you care about him by using the language of dog love through simple gestures like petting, ear rubbing, cuddling, eye contact and playing. Just like humans, dogs have different love languages, and if you want to learn your dog’s love language, the American Kennel Club has a simple quiz that you can take and find out the best way to show your dog how much you love him.

  • Bake some delicious treats together

What better way to enjoy this special day than baking delicious treats together? And with a few ingredients, you can make homemade dog treats that will make him feel extra happy this Valentine's Day. 

Whether you are looking to bake something savoury or sweet, these recipes will be a hit with your pup! So let's get baking and create some yummy Valentine's Day treats for your furry friend!

  • Take him to a dog park

A walk around the neighbourhood might be sufficient for a little exercise for both of you, but taking him to his favourite dog park can make this day something more significant and special for your pal.

Naturally, dogs like to experience the outdoors, which is why they get so happy when is time to go outside. In a dog park, your dog can run and walk around without needing a leash, making him feel extra happy and free. Moreover, dog parks allow him to interact with other dogs and make new friends. 

A dog park is the perfect place where your dog can enjoy his freedom and play with other dogs. However, we want to make sure that both of you have a great experience in a dog-friendly park. With a few simple tips that you need to consider especially if your pal is not used to interacting with other dogs, this activity will be one that you two can enjoy not just on Valentine’s Day, but on any other day of the year.

Don’t forget to take all the essentials for you and your dog when you guys are outdoors, and have them on hand at all times. A good lightweight fanny pack will help you carry everything you need for both of you and enjoy this activity hands-free.

  • Have a date together

As dog owners, there are times when we have experienced separation anxiety from our dogs. We understand that is not easy and makes us feel really sad to leave our dogs alone at home, and while there are many tips for coping with the anxiety of leaving your dog at home, this time we want to help you make of Valentine’s Day, a day where you two can spend the time together on a date.

In most cities, there are dog-friendly spots and restaurants where you can take your furry one for a date. Most restaurants that allow dogs have an open area or patio where your dog can be next to you and some restaurants even allow your dog to sit inside with you in a specific area. 

If you live in the Toronto area, here are some restaurants that you can check and reserve a table for you and your furry friend to have a special date together. And if you are not in Toronto, don’t worry, we got you covered, check the BringFido website to know where are some dog-friendly places in your area and enjoy a perfect date on Valentine’s Day with your pup.

Our dogs love us unconditionally, and we love them in the same way too. This Valentine’s Day show your pal how much he means to you and enjoy some of these activities together on one of the most romantic days of the year.

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