10 Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2021

We are certain that you know all of the breeds listed and we're even more certain that you have both, your least favorite dog breed, and the one dog breed you would die for!

Let's not waste anytime and get right to the top 10 dog breeds as of 2021!

Labrador Retriever

These gentle and intelligent dogs are very adaptable and can be known for being police dogs and service dogs for the blind. They are more commonly known for being amazing family pets because they tend to be great with children. If you're someone who loves swimming then be sure they'll be right next to you enjoying the sunny activities!


They look tough but we can assure you they're cuddly. They're calm and steady and not at all aggressive and instead are known for being determined and courageous. Although they might seem to have a lot of energy, they actually have a low activity level. Similar to the french bulldog which will talk about shortly, their facial features make the bulldog prone to snuffling and snoring.


There isn't anyone on this earth that doesn't know the Poodle dog breed. Their looks and personality are very distinctive and fun which is what made them popular as circus dogs. They are extremely intelligent and make up for an outstanding companion. They are very active and require a lot of exercises so be sure you can match up to their energy.

Golden Retriever

The universal face of all dogs, are we right, or are we right? When we think of a family movie with a dog, why does it always happen to be a Golden Retriever? Because they are a family pet and are amazing with children. They're known for being friendly, reliable and trustworthy. They have a young and energetic personality and they love outdoor activities all year round!

French Bulldog

Frech Bulldog

We'll be very bias on this one, they do come with a few health complications, which dog breed doesn't, but they're the cutest of the cute. They have become very mainstream and popular in the past two years. They are great pets to have if you live in a condominium as they don't experience unnecessary barking. Not only are they quiet and well mannered but their exercise needs are very moderate.


The Havanese is similar but very different from the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed. Two characteristics that make this dog breed so popular are its personality and attractive appearance. They are often very happy and full of energy that is ready to be shared with anyone and everyone! They're most suitable for an urban and suburban living!

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds are another dog breed that is known for their police work and services for the blind. The main reason for that is they're stable, intelligent, and are quick learners which makes them very loyal and protective over their owner and property. They have a lot of energy to exert so they do need a lot of outdoor exercise and movement, so be ready!

Bernese Mountain Dog

If you're looking for an amazing temperament and a people pleaser, then the Bernese Mountain breed is the one for you. They're both consistent and dependable because they know how to maintain their command in any scenario given. They're considered larger-sized dogs, so you guessed it, they also need a lot of exercise and activities.

Yorkshire Terrier

Ahhh, it's the walking pillow! We're only joking :) They're so petite and dare we say, they're so cute. Even till now when you see the ones with their hair kept long and groomed, we happen to instantly envision a fancy and wealthy owner. This is definitely not the ideal dog breed to be put in place for a watchdog. Yorkshires are playful, bouncy and surprisingly active despite their small size. They do not require to be heavily active and are great stay-at-home pets.

Shetland Sheepdog

They're a special kind of beautiful and not only in their looks but also their unique personalities. Loyalty is there, affection is there and responsiveness is there. Watch out in a good way because they are a different type of people pleaser. Their intelligence and understanding have made them one of the foremost breeds in obedience work. To top off the goodness, a daily walk is well enough to sustain their daily exercise.

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For more information on these breeds please check out the following sources, the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2021

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