Canada Pooch Fanny Pack vs Gentle Paw Fanny Pack for Dog Walking

If you've heard of Gentle Paw Fanny Pack, then there's a high probability you've heard of Canada Pooch Fanny Pack. Let's get straight to it, this is only a friendly comparison, nothing more, nothing less! In other words, let's help you make a buying decision on which of the fanny packs is the right fit for you and your lifestyle. In this breakdown, we are looking at the features and the main components offered by Gentle Paw versus Canada Pooch.

First off, what colours do they come in? And yes, that's what we're starting with, because if what we like doesn't come in our favourite colour, it could break our buying decision. We are visual creatures before anything else!

Canada Pooch Fanny Pack

Starting with Canada Pooch Fanny Pack, they're available in three colours, Black Splatter, Green Camo, and Reflective finish. What's nice about these options is that although they are neutral colours, they cater to those individuals that favour pattern designs and enjoy statement pieces. Depending on your taste and your fashion sense, these might not be ideal wear for the everyday, aside from the reflective finish.

Canada Pooch The Everyday Fanny Pack in three colours, Black Splatter, Green Camo, and Reflective.

Valued at $35.00

On to the more important elements, these bags are structured out of 100% Polyester, lightweight in material, and can fold in the palm of your hands. They include a built-in poop bag dispenser, a key ring holder, an adjustable waist, and finished off with a reflective zipper for high visibility. The reflective element is included no matter the colour you decide to purchase. In terms of their overall size, they do fit a standard-sized water bottle. Above all else, if the bag is catered to dog owners, who are known for their daily walks, to have that size convenience is the minimum of an essential bag.

What's nice about the Canada Pooch is that they specialize in a multitude of products which includes their Everything Harness for your pup. This allows you to match your bag with your dog's harness and it's safe to say, we all aspire to be that type of dog parent.

Gentle Paw Fanny Pack

As for the Gentle Paw Fanny Pack, we're serving you four solid colours, black, grey, pink and orange. Dare we say, the colour you choose COULD give us a hint at your personality? What's nice about a solid finish is that they're super easy to style for your everyday wear. Many of us are always on a hunt for accessories that come without any patterns or graphics and those can be hard to find.

Gentle Paw Canada Fanny Pack in four colours, black, grey, orange, and pink.
Valued at $49.99

These bags visibly look thicker and that's because they are, they're not to be folded in the palm of your hands. Not only are they made up of 100% Nylon but they are double layered and padded towards the backside of the bag where it would lay on either your chest or your back for added comfort. This does not add any weight to the bag making sure it's lightweight and easy on the body. An added feature of the Nylon finish is that it creates a water repellent exterior which makes up for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The fanny pack also comes with a removable pouch inside the main compartment, a zippered front pocket, and an attached hook for hanging the leash or light travel gears. How can we forget, just as the Canada Pooch Fanny Pack, it also comes with a built-in poop bag dispenser.

Depending on your fashion taste or what's more comfortable for you, the bag is designed to be worn either on your waist or over your shoulders. This is why we created a double-side adjustable belt that allows you to wear it as you please. Let's not forget the capacity of this bag!! It's 12 inches in length so whatever water bottle you carry, don't fret, the bag has you covered.

Two things that the bags share in common is that they both carry the capacity for a full water bottle and they also include built-in poop bag dispensers. There is a price difference between the Canada Pooch Fanny Pack and the Gentle Paw Fanny Pack for the reasons listed above. Gentle Paw is made with the user in mind from beginning to end.

Check out one of our favourite poop bags available on Amazon as well as a reusable water bottle that would fit nicely in the fanny packs!

Although we do not carry harnesses to match with our dogs, we do offer free tags! Offering this service works great for personal use or even to offer a gift along with the Fanny Pack as a full bundle.

You can shop with us online or visit our local retailers to get a direct feel of our fanny packs!

Canada Pooch Fanny Pack versus Gentle Paw Fanny Pack

And now for the big question, which will it be? The Expedition Fanny Pack by Gentle Paw or The Everything Fanny Pack by Canada Pooch? While you're here, maybe don't listen to us and what you might call our bias opinion, and instead, check out the testimonials written by our wonderful customers, and even take a peek at our Instagram for lifestyle images. When you join our community, we would love to see how you styled your fanny pack and more importantly, which colour you ended up choosing. Don't forget to tag us and give us a follow to stay up to date!

We hope we covered everything that you would find of value to help with your buying decision. A fanny pack is a superb holiday gift idea for dog owners, and if you're interested in other gift ideas to go along with it, we've written two articles for you! Check them out here, Holiday Ideas One and Holiday Ideas Two.

Canada Pooch Fanny Pack versus Gentle Paw Fanny Pack

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