Gentle Paw

Clouffy Dog Bathrobe


An extra-cozy bathrobe meant for pampering your dog, featuring a waist-belt, side pockets and a hoodie. Our Clouffy Dog Bathrobe is made with coral fleece so the soft feel of the shower robe will make your dog feel really comfortable while keeping them super dry. With a pocket on each side, you can put your hands inside them to dry your dog easily. The waist belt can also be tied so the dog towel continues to soak the water.

Note: If you wanna use the bathrobe as an oversized dog towel for its main purpose, it’s recommended to get 1 size up

Color: White
Product Features
- Extra soft coral fleece material
- Super water absorbing
- Fast dry
- Two hand pockets to hold and dry your dog easily
- Waist belt
- Hoodie to keep the head dry

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