Healthy Food Options For Puppies

By Anupama Singh

 As a pet parent, I know the joy we all feel seeing our dogs jump up and down when you say you’ll take them for a walk. The sparkle in their eyes when you say it is playtime is simply precious. But if you want them to be with you for a long time, you need to take care of their health by giving them healthy food. Taking care of your dog is one of the most fulfilling tasks and finding the best healthy food for your puppy is challenging. We help you tell healthy food options for your puppies so they can live the full and happy life that they deserve. In this blog post, we will talk about some healthy food options that are really good for your puppy's health. Here is the list of food you can feed your furry best friend.

1.Fruit and Vegetables- Apples are an excellent source of vitamins A & C and fiber. Make sure to remove the core and seed which can be dangerous for your puppies.

Bananas have potassium, fibers, and vitamins. They are high in sugars so don't give your dog too much.

Green beans are high in fiber, vitamins and low in calories. Your puppy will enjoy them in any form.

Brussel sprouts, these little green vegetables are full of vitamin C & A, manganese, fiber. Don't let your pup chow down too many or you’re going to deal with gasps. 

Peas are an excellent source of fiber, proteins and vitamins. Watch out for frozen ones that come with sodium. You don't want your furry member digesting too much salt.

Broccoli can boost immunity but beware the heads can be dangerous for your puppy. They can upset the digestive system and give them lots of gas so feed him in moderation and try to stick to the stock.

Cantaloupe, this orange melon is an excellent source of vitamin A and beta carotene. Cut them into small sized pieces. It's high in sugar so don't give your dog too much.

Pumpkin is a low calorie food for your puppy which contains lots of nutrients, vitamins and fibers to keep your puppy healthy. Pumpkin is high in fiber which can alleviate diarrhea and constipation. Fiber also adds to the bulk of stool, preventing constipation. It boosts their urinary health, regulatory digestion and is a natural deworming agent. If your puppy is overweight, you can give them pumpkin to keep them full for a longer period. And the best part is you can feed them the entire pumpkin.

Watermelon is full of water and vitamins which makes it the ideal summer snack for your furry member. Just watch out for rind and seed. 

Sweet Potato is full of vitamins, fiber and minerals and tasty. Sweet potatoes should be given to your puppy into small pieces after they've been cooked.

Celery, the benefits are high with low calorie vegetables. It has vitamin A, B, C & phosphorus. The crunch also helps freshen your dog's breath.

Strawberries are yummy berries that have fiber antioxidants and lots of Vitamin C. It's better to cut the berries into small pieces when you feed them to your furry friend.

Carrots are an awesome source of vitamin A and have high fiber content. We all love our puppies' soft skin. Vitamin A maintains skin health of your puppy & if you want your furry friend's healthy skin then carrot is the best choice. It also boosts your puppy's immunity. Carrot help slow down the development of dental disease. Your pups definitely love carrot for their sweet flavor.

Note: Dogs actually need fruits and vegetables in their diet. It's always best to steam any vegetable you give to your dog, since they can't digest them as well as you can. And try to give them homemade healthy food which is made with all natural ingredients that are safe for your furry best friend.                                             



  1. Bone Broth- If one thing you should be feeding to your puppy, it has to be bone broth. It's awesome for dogs and offers tremendous health benefits. Bone broth is like a healing liquid for them. Bone broth improves your puppy's digestion and heals a ‘leaky gut’. The majority of diseases like inflammation, allergies and autoimmune disorders start from the gut. Bone broth has gelatin to repair the mucus lining of the gut. This prevents your dog's gut from leaking toxins into the bloodstream. Bone broth is known for its role in detoxing the liver. It carries minerals, electrolytes and acids that put your dog's liver on detox. Bone broth has powerful anti-inflammatories that reduce inflammation and provide relief from muscle and joint pain. If you want your dog to have strong bones and muscles, give them bone broth. It even boosts their immunity, supports brain function and improves skin health.


  1. Curd- Curd / yogurt is high in calcium and protein. Curd is a very healthy food option for your furry members gut health. When dogs take antibiotics, the antibiotics can kill off all good bacteria in your puppy's gut. Curd has concentrated levels of good live culture of bacteria which is good for their gut health also known as probiotics. Always serve plain and non- fat yogurt to your puppy. Before buying yogurt for your puppy check the artificial sweeteners and artificial preservatives and try to avoid these artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Plain Yogurt without artificial sweeteners, artificial preservation and xylitol can help to cure diarrhea in puppies.


  1. Eggs- For a long time, eggs were considered bad due to their cholesterol content. But after many studies, results have shown how great they are. Scrambled egg which is quick and easy and has everything inside its shell that is necessary to form a baby chick. So it can form a lot of powerful things in your puppy's body and then also that the egg shell is really high in calcium is one of those things that dogs need. You can dry them up in a food processor or a blender until it's a really fine dust and that creates an additional source of calcium to meet a dog's high calcium requirement.


  1. Coconut- Our puppies are crazy about fresh coconut. Coconut has easily digestible fatty acids and electrolytes that boost your puppy health. Its oil is very good for your furry member's skin and hair. Some dogs might face a digestive upset if you give them too much coconut flesh all at once. Give them in moderation. Coconut is a non-toxic treat for your furry friend and coconut water has high levels of electrolytes and it is also good for hydration.


  1. Organ Meats- We all know meat is good for dogs but not all meats are equal. Organ meats and glands are exceptionally good because they are very nutritionally dense. The liver, brain, kidneys and heart are top choices for healthy organ meats. From organ meats, our puppy gets various vitamins, iron and zinc. Brain meat gives omega 3, vitamin B12, selenium and zinc. Adrenal glands are a good source of vitamin C and to get collagen and amino acids feed your furry friend heart organ meat. They are blood builders.


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